The Psych-k ® method

Psych k method

If you’re reading this article I guess you’re interested in Psych-k ® method or you’re looking for new information in the Web to understand how Psych-k ® method works and how can it helps you to find your root.

Psych-k ® method is a procedure that allows me (the facilitator) to discover your wrong programming. This is referred to “Biology of Believes” paradigma that says that our inner beliefs conditions our perception and our ways to respond to the environment.

To clarify, Psych-k ® method is important for you if you’ve decided to live a better life and you’re looking for someone who is able to help you to bring this process in safeness.

Remember that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience and not bodies with an accessory soul put inside. If you remember this paradigma it’s easy for you to believe that everything for you is possible. Consequently any limiting believes that is limiting you now could be easily demolished.

This beliefs are those which limit everyone’s life and you can transform they all with the help of Psych-k ® method. For example a friend of mine has used this method to overcome his fear of public speaking. On the other hand during the hard period that has followed to my divorce Psych-k ® method saved me from the depression. For example it has helped me to transform hungry in peace. As a result I was quickly able to find my “center” and to face the bad time I lived.

You’ll finally join with your spiritual part and stop forever every kind of suffering.

How does Psych-k method work?

Psych k methodPsych-k ® method is able to transform a limiting believe into a powerful believe by balance process. Balance can be represented by a body posture able to synchronize the two cerebral hemispheres. When the two cerebral hemispheres are in integration they can work together at maximum power.

This is the condition that Psych-k ® use to rewrite your subconscious mind.

What is the balance?

PSYCH-K® method is a process that you can do with a certified facilitator that allows for fast and effective change.

A PSYCH-K® Balance is a process which sets itself the goal to create balanced communication between the two cerebral hemispheres of the cerebral cortex.  This process produce a “whole-brain state” that permits a restructuring and embellishment of subconscious beliefs.

When you rewrite the software, the perceptions of your reality changes. In this way new beliefs are easily installed, and they begin to express themselves in your reality.

Is it safe?

It is a safe and effective method to transform negative beliefs into positive  beliefs within few minutes.  Psych-K ® method has thousands of testimonials that attest rapid improvement in personal well-being. This can be reached without any side effect or contraindications. Psych-K ® method can be associated with all the medical therapies and it ever contribute for a better results.

A PSYCH-K® Balance is a process designed to create balanced communication with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex.  The PSYCH-K process integrates both hemispheres of the brain, producing a “whole-brain state” that allows for us to easily create improved and sustainable behaviours, attitudes, thoughts and perceptions.  The results of a PSYCH-K balance may be felt and experienced very quickly or may evolve over time (hours, days, weeks, months).

When you rewrite the software, the print-out of your life inevitably changes. Using simple yet effective protocols, new beliefs are easily programmed, and they begin to express themselves in your life.

What Psych-k ® is?

Psych k method

  • a respectful and interactive process of change
  • the most powerful process to transform subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting into powerful beliefs that reinforce us
  • a tool that works with ancient knowledges that are validated from a big experience of great success;
  • Psych-k ® is a process to facilitating change at the subconscious level that is the part of the mind which controls our life
  • a method completely different from the standard methods based on visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking
  • Psych-k ® is effective in the areas of habit change, well being and stress reduction

What about testimonials?

Thousands of PSYCH-K ® method testimonials have experienced significant changes and results in:

  • Less anxiety and worries  

  • Improvement in personal relationships

  • Great ability to deal with problems

  • rapid transformation of limiting beliefs and brighter perception of one’s life

  • improving health conditions and strenghtening all medical therapies

  • ease of relating to others with love and acceptance

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